Thirty Five / Twenty Three / Thirty Five

No, that is not the correct mixture of various alcohols needed to whip up the latest Specialty Drink at the nearest High Fashion Nightclub. But after you finish reading this little story of how completely disingenuous ABC News has been with their latest “News” Story, you might wonder exactly what the folks in charge over there have been drinking.

As we all know, Research Polls have really taken it on the chin lately. Let’s face it; the last year has simply been embarrassing for the Pollsters. In terms of high profile, let’s just start with “Brexit” – I seriously doubt anyone in Italy or Spain took the “Brexit” vote seriously based on the Polls leading up to the Vote.…In fact, I would suggest the kind citizens of Finland didn’t even know there was to be such a vote….. just like the folks in London were sure they would continue to bow to the jackwagons in Brussels instead of their own Royal Kingdom. Well, she may be old, but Queen Elizabeth II is probably feeling pretty spry these days………. Then of course, every Poll in the United States, and some from elsewhere, had Hilary Clinton with a 70% chance of winning last fall’s election. Some actually had her winning by double digits as recently as the weekend before the election. And more recently, we had a high profile House of Representatives Run Off in Georgia that showed the Democrat ahead by 7% as little as 3 weeks before the election. Well, let’s just say the Republicans didn’t lose a seat that week. So, how you ask can this be? Makes no sense right? I mean the polls are based on science right? Well I guess that depends on your definition of science.
This morning I heard about a new ABC News Poll claiming to show Donald Trump has record low approval rating……. So, I logged on to and saw the astonishing headlines for myself. Sure enough, headline of the Day………

“Public to Trump: Lay off the Twitter (POLL)”

They even had an embedded video with George Snuffleupagus carrying on with some other clown and the inset read……..



Now anyone that reads the slightest bit of news, by now realizes the mainstream media has it out for President Trump. They will pick on anything and everything that is meaningless to running this country………… They will stretch every word he uses, and bastardize every sentence he makes, in an attempt to move forth their agenda. Which, of course, is to delegitimize his Presidency. Anything that might be favorable for the country will be completely ignored.
But these are Poll Numbers for crying out loud. And this is not just some yahoos in the backroom at ABC calling their friends and asking their opinion. This Poll was conducted in concert with “Langer Research Associates” who boast on their Official Website that “Integrity in Research® is our promise”.

Well, as I got to the bottom of the article, which of course no one ever gets to. The Liberals already got what they wanted out of it – “TRUMP LOWEST POLL NUMBERS EVER” or some such nonsense. The Conservatives have had their fill and can’t really stand to listen to Mr. Snuffleupagus drone on anymore…….. so, they click away wondering what group of people participated in that Poll. And exactly how did he get elected if that is true because he really hasn’t changed his positions much. And as it turns out, “what group of people participated in that poll” is actually a pretty good question. At the very bottom of the article, under a very boring and mundane Title of “Methodology” reads the following paragraph:

“This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted …..among a random national sample of 1,001 adults.…… Partisan divisions are 35-23-35 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.”

That’s right. They went out and Polled 1001 persons over the age of 18. And 35% of those people were Self-Described Democrats. Another 35% were Self-Described Independents. Which is another way of saying “I have already made up my mind but I am telling you otherwise so as to seem important.” But wait……. Only 23% of the Respondents were Self-Described Republicans. So, ABC hires Langer Research to do a Poll. Langer Research comes back with some numbers ABC likes, so ta da, let’s go to press……. And get this online before Daybreak. Seriously……….. This is complete insanity – And they publish it as if it is science. And people read it, or hear it on the radio, or catch a glimpse of it on the Nightly News, and they take it at face value – why wouldn’t they……….. “Katy has soccer practice, Joey is Lifeguarding at the Pool today and you need to get him at 6:00, we need to finish packing for vacation next week, and on top of all that I need to get the tires on the car rotated”. People don’t have time to investigate – People see a headline and that is pretty much it – And the Mainstream Media knows this and they seize the opportunity to push forth their agenda.

This is just one more way the Mainstream Media Machine is working to destabilize our President and our Country at large. They knowingly took data so slanted as to be almost comical, and they publish it as Scientific News – about something as serious as the Office of the Presidency. And it continues to happen. Stop the insanity. Give Success a Chance People……………..